Lottie remembers meeting Simon Tofield as new video is released

All the way back in November, Lottie got the chance to meet Simon’s Cat creator at the last MCM EXPO, which is taking place again this weekend in London. Now with the weekend ahead of her, and his new video out, she can’t help but remember meeting the creator!


Lottie loves the new video ‘Tongue tied’ and is already looking forward to the next one, hoping an elephant will be in it somehow!


Oh no!

While Lottie has met many famous people and icons, never has someone been so rude! The Star Wars Imperial Guard was just as much a baddie as he is in the movies! If not worse!

Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard

Unfortunatly what you don’t get to see is Hans Solo saving her from him! But due to her swooning and Leia near by, he wouldn’t pose with her.