Jubilee song teaser for Military Wives Choir

It has been announced today that the Military Wives Choir, who shot to Number 1, will feature in the Diamond Jubilee song, Sing.

With Prince Harry joining in on the track, it is going to have the whole world watching!

Military wives

The Military wives all wanted to take Lottie home!

Lottie was lucky back in March to meet the choir, where they cuddled and posed with the little adventurer.She now can’t wait to hear them in the new song this evening on the One Show on BBC 1. Till then, you can here a clip here!


Oh no!

While Lottie has met many famous people and icons, never has someone been so rude! The Star Wars Imperial Guard was just as much a baddie as he is in the movies! If not worse!

Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard

Unfortunatly what you don’t get to see is Hans Solo saving her from him! But due to her swooning and Leia near by, he wouldn’t pose with her.