Lottie meets a voice

Lottie was an avid follower of the BBC Saturday night program, The Voice! Though the winner was Leanne, Lottie held a special place for local heart throb Adam Issac.

You can imagion the joy when the lovely people at Radio Exe gave her the chance to meet him in person!

Adam Issac

Lottie swooned over The Voice’s Adam

Hopefully she’ll get to tell everyone one day that she met the amazingly talented and no.1 album of the year singer Adam; though in her dreams she’s got him to swoon over everyday on her travels!


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Lottie celebrates the Jubilee!

Lottie has started to celebrate the Jubilee weekend already with the lottery numbers havnig been announced this morning on Radio Exeter!


Lottie has been lucky enough recently to meet Bonnie Langford dressed up in her very own crown.


Lottie wants her own so she has  got tickets to try and win the Jubilee Crown Tea Cosy that one of Hospiscare’s patients have knitted especially! (though if you want to win it call 01392 688000, we won’t tell her!)

Jubilee Tea Cosy made by Phyllis with help from Shirley

Jubilee Tea Cosy made by Phyllis with help from Shirley


She’ll be back to work on Wednesday reminding people to get their tickets back for the Summer early bird draw, but till then its summery jubilee fun for our Lottie!